Periodontology is a branch of dentistry dedicated to treating periodontium (gum with bones surrounding a tooth) as well as oral mucosa illnesses. During your stay at PIC, periodontologist conducts a meticulous diagnostics and proceeds to the treatment of diseases affecting tissues surrounding the patient’s teeth. A good condition of tissues is essential as they keep the teeth safe from infections.



If you observe:

- Gingival bleeding;
- Swollen gums;
- Exposed teeth necks;
- Reddening of gums;
- Dentin hypersensitivity

— then it is high time to let us help you get rid of these problems.

What can you do to prevent periodontal diseases? It is quite simple:
- Take care of your dental hygiene;
- Visit your dentist regularly to detect first symptoms and avoid unpleasant
- Avoid addictive substances;
- Keep a healthy diet.