Dental implantoprosthetics deals with reconstructing dentition by mounting implants. It allows for achieving a long-term aesthetic effect and improvement of masticatory apparatus after the loss of dentition. 


Implant is a small, screw-like component which, when implanted to the bone, takes role of root for a new tooth. Having been mounted in the mandible or jaw bone, it is supplemented with porcelain crown that fills in the gap after the missing tooth. Choosing the implant is cost-efficient and effective. It will grant you a lot of benefits in comparison to different methods of treatment.


If you are suffering from dental loss, do remember that the latter poses consequences. Progressive tilting of neighbouring teeth, pushing, grinding, and—what is the worst loss—bone atrophy do not amount for everything that can happen. The so-called Godon effect, i.e. tooth loss, may occur also on the opposite tooth arc since an unsupported tooth may slip out of an alveolus.


Implants are made of titanium which is treated by the organism as its integral part. At PIC, we utilize two tested implantological systems: MIS and Astra Tech.


What are contraindications against implants?


Absolute include:

  • Malignant tumors;

  • Untreated diabetes.


Relative include:

  • Heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, or thyroid diseases;

  • Coagulation disorder;

  • Severe untreated malocclusion;

  • Smoking;

  • Lack of oral hygiene.