Why diagnostics is so important to us? 


This is because:

  • Choosing dedicated treatment is dependant on formulating a relevant diagnosis;

  • Patient’s feelings may not be specific enough to determine what one is suffering from;

  • Thanks to a detailed diagnostics we can precisely identify a problem, avoid intuitive errors and shorten the time of treatment. 


How do we work?


During the first visit we:

  • Get a detailed medical and, thereafter, dental history interview;

  • Conduct an examination of the function of the temporomandibular joints;

  • Conduct an examination of periodontal, mucous, and dental health;

  • Take an X-ray pantomographic photo of all the teeth;


Providing more detailed inspection is needed, we have also a possibility of taking:

  • Pantomographic images;

  • Digital radiographic tooth image (RVG);

  • Computed tomography (CT) in 3D;

  • Counsel with our specialists across a variety of fields.