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Since 1996, Witold Jurczyński, M.D., have been actively curating an inspiring working environment for his employees, helping them increase their expertise and communicative approach towards the patients.


CO Founder

Witold Jurczyński, M.D.

  • graduated from Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University in Kraków in 1992;

  • have been organising workshops and lectures in laserotherapy periodontal treatment, and periodontal microsurgery since 1994;

  • founded “Globus” Periodontological and Endodontic Centre in Kraków in 1996, which have been transformed into Periodontological and Implantological Centre “Periopraktyk” in 2019;

  • in 1999 have acquired a second-level specialization in periodontology;

  • in 2003 have been granted M.D. title;

  • in 2012 have finished Prof. Dr. Markus Hützeler’s individual programme “Periodontolocial and Implantological Curriculum” wherein he served as a moderator and tutor;

  • in 2013 have graduated from postgraduate, two-year programme at New York University College of Dentistry: Implant Continuum Education NYU & OSIS & CEIA Advances in Implantology and Periodontics;


Furthermore, Dr Jurczyński remains a member of The European Federation of Periodontology and Polish Periodontological Association. Willing to share his knowledge, he authored a number of publications in periodontal treatment. 


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